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Dr. Sardonicus

Ladies and gentlemen – good day to you.  Please relax and – if you are so inclined – loosen or remove your clothing.

Let me first offer my gratitude to each of the 60,000 visitors who spent an average of 1.14 minutes on my website in the last five days.  Thanks to the largess of the one in 2000 visitors who clicked an ad, I have realized almost thirty American dollars in advertising revenues --all of which have already been invested in Davidoff cigars.

My overwhelming success is tempered by the sober realization that I may have to tweak my business model.

Although most of you were from North America, almost every country was represented.  I have included a sampling of statistics.

In particular, my thanks to that estimable Swedish gentleman (pictured to the right) who first posted my site on StumbleUpon. To you -- LegionOfStupor -- tack så mycket!  


In the BarkBite tradition of the ironic fist in the silken glove, I suggest you visit my most recent site –, in which you can buy your own American Bank at a steep discount – the perfect holiday gift for a friend who used to have everything. 

I wish to express gratitude to the many who sent fan E-Mail or suggestions.  Next time, however -- just click an ad. 

In the future, I will use this space to comment on interesting matters of science and whimsy.  I hope all of you – including my one visitor from Mozambique – will return for these pronouncements.

And finally -- to Marcy456: no, I have never used that position, and yes -- I am in fact a medical doctor.


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